The library is comprised of the Sheilagh S. Jameson Memorial Library, located in the bell tower, and the Penelhum Collection, located in the parish hall. They are named in honour of St. Barnabas’ long-time parish librarian, Sheilagh Jameson, and Terence and Edith Penelhum, who donated a large portion of Dr. Penelhum’s library when he retired from his position as Professor of Philosophy at the University of Calgary. There are almost 1,400 items in the library on a wide range of topics; theology, Christian fiction, history of the church, philosophy, and much more. Our selection of children’s books is by far the most popular part of the library! We also have a number of audio recordings, including the Bible on CD and audiocassette. A seasonal display updated according to the important seasons of the Christian calendar, highlights works which parishioners may find especially meaningful at the present time.