We use the Godly Play program during our Sunday School time.

“Godly Play is….an imaginative approach to working with children, an approach that supports, challenges, nourishes and guides their spiritual quest. It is more akin to spiritual direction than to what we generally think of as religious education.

Godly Play assumes that children have some experience of the mystery of the presence of God in their lives, but that they lack the language, permission and understanding to express and enjoy that in our culture. In Godly Play, we enter into parables, silence, sacred stories and sacred liturgy in order to discover God, ourselves, one another and the world around us.” 

Following the storytelling, the children are free to choose how they want to respond to the story. This means that usually there is not an organized craft prepared by the adults for the children.

We have a dedicated group of volunteers who tell the stories and help the children with the craft materials.  Please consider if you feel called to participate in this ministry to our children. Coaching is available and two members of our group are certified by Godly Play Canada. 

Please contact the office at 403-283-3035 for further information. Sunday School is held during the 10:15 am service from September to June.

The Complete Guide to Godly Play, Jerome W. Berryman, Morehouse Education Resources, page 5.