Each Wednesday morning at 10:00 AM, a small group of people meet via Zoom for a reflection on the Psalm and reading for the day. 

The gathering begins with a short check in time, with participants sharing how they’re doing. Kersi then begins by using 2 short prayers from the Church of England. The two readings are read aloud by volunteers and then each person has the opportunity to say whether there was anything in particular that stood out in the reading of the passage that day. After each person has had a chance to share Kersi asks if anyone has anything in particular that we would like to pray about. Kersi then says prayers that encompass the concerns raised that day. We close with the Lord’s Prayer and the Grace. Usually the gathering is finished in 40 minutes.  

The event is held on Zoom, with three options for participation. One is through a regular telephone, the second is through a computer link with just audio and the third is through a computer link that includes both audio and video.   

You are invited to this midweek gathering with folk from our St Barnabas community!